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The Concept...


Magali Rives-Duprat

French mother of two lovely children it took me some time to find the best way to express my creativity.

Cradled all my childhood in an artistic and creative world, and after 10 years in Singapore and a year break in Nigeria, I wanted to share with you my creations, authentic products which reflect the perfect alliance of different cultures.

Handmade and eco-friendly are my motto.

The concept

To make the items unique, they are personally designed, cut, stitched, and stamped by me. I create and design my own stamps, taking inspiration from the many cultures that surround me here in Singapore. Fabrics are handpicked throughout my travels across Asia. They’re selected for their quality and local designs, buying from small suppliers adds to their authenticity, but this also means certain fabrics are limited in stock

As a parent I teach my children to respect the environment. My creations are a reflection of me and I go to great lengths to source and use eco friendly packaging, minimising the use of plastic.

To offer you a perfect product I pay particular attention to the finer details.



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